Powder Coat

Powder coating spray booths are designed for a wide range of products:

  • Complex Shaped Parts
  • Very Long Parts
  • Parts Requiring Low Film Builds
  • Parts Requiring High Film Builds
  • Very Large or Very Small Parts

KMI Systems typically installs powder coating booths in an environmental "clean room" to ensure trouble free powder application and dirt free parts. "Clean rooms" are equipped with automatic climate control systems designed to maintain an environment at optimal coating conditions.

Powder Coating Room and Powder Conditioning

The powder room houses powder coating spray booths. Ambient air in the room is maintained at constant and uniform conditions (temperature and humidity) throughout the day and throughout all areas of the room all year long in order to provide ideal powder paint or enamel application conditions. It is constructed from modular insulated panels, and all internal surfaces are reasonably smooth for easy cleaning.


Washers remove dirt, oils, greases and/or light oxidation from steel, galvanized steel, aluminum or plastic parts.


KMI has the technical know how to integrate any style of conveyor into your finishing system.

Environmental Room
Environmental Rooms

Maintained under positive pressure to prevent airborne contaminants entering through the part openings.


KMI designs and builds a full selection of dry-off ovens, curing ovens and dehumidification systems. Let us help you choose the right oven for your finishing application.

Spray Booths

Based on your requirements, we can supply custom-designed enclosures for virtually any application.