Drying & Curing

KMI designs and builds a full selection of dry-off ovens, curing ovens and dehumidification systems. Configured to ensure uniform curing without discoloration, our systems deliver the highest quality coating finish.

Water Dry-off

Dry-off ovens completely remove the residue water film from parts after cleaning. This is especially important for applications where powder paints or solvent-based paints are applied shortly after the parts leave the oven. The dry-off can be constructed as a convection oven or a dehumidification dryer.

Curing Oven

KMI's cure oven heating systems gradually and steadily raise the part temperature from ambient to the oven set point temperature. Once the parts reach the set point, their temperature is maintained within 2 to 3% of this set point for the remaining conveyor path in the oven.


Our modular design ovens use interlocking panels containing non-settling, non-combustible type industrial insulation rated for 500ºF. These oven panels are supported by a substantial structural steel framework, which is designed to prevent uncontrolled expansion from repeated heat-up and cool-down cycles.