KMI's E-coat systems are designed to work efficiently with paint from any of the major paint manufacturers. Our engineers will work closely with you and the paint supplier so that E-coat equipment includes the design features necessary to ensure the application of a high quality, uniform paint film to your products at the lowest possible application cost.

KMI Systems' organic paint finishing engineers offer years of E-coating experience for new E-coat installations and for retrofits or modifications to existing equipment.

KMI E-coat systems include the latest technological innovations:

  • Enhanced tank circulation systems to ensure uniform consistency.
  • State-of-the-art temperature controls & other process monitors.
  • Extremely efficient filtration systems to ensure dirt free parts.
  • Closed-loop post rinses that offer 99.5% and above paint utilization efficiencies.

Both anodic and cathodic E-coat systems can be specified. Continuous conveyor line speeds range from 3 to 60+ fpm. For very large or unusually shaped parts, we offer indexing-type systems. All systems feature:

  • Enclosed E-coat tanks which ensure containment of any objectionable paint vapors that may be emitted from the paint surface.
  • Improved part grounding systems that will operate trouble free for years.
  • Corrosion resistant piping and protective tank linings, as well as stainless steel pumps, heat exchangers, post rinse tanks and spray housings.


State-of-the-art, dependable part electrification equipment.


Washers remove dirt, oils, greases and/or light oxidation from steel, galvanized steel, aluminum or plastic parts.


KMI has the technical know how to integrate any style of conveyor into your finishing system.


KMI designs and builds a full selection of dry-off ovens, curing ovens and dehumidification systems. Let us help you choose the right oven for your finishing application.

Spray Booths

Based on your requirements, we can supply custom-designed enclosures for virtually any application.